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Maximum IDLE connections

Document updated on Sep 27, 2018

Having a high number of IDLE connections to every backend affects directly to the performance of the proxy layer. This is why you can control the number using the max_idle_connections setting. For instance:

  "version": 2,
  "max_idle_connections": 150,

KrakenD will close connections sitting idle in a “keep-alive” state when max_idle_connections is reached. If no value is set in the configuration file, KrakenD will use 250 by default.

Every ecosystem needs its own setting, have this in mind:

  • If you set a number very high for max_idle_connections you might exhaust your system’s port limit.
  • If you set a number very low, new connections will be frequently created and a low rate of connection reuse will take place.

For more information on the transport layer, see MaxIdleConnsPerHost


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