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1,800,000 servers last month

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What is technical leadership saying about KrakenD


I've chosen KrakenD because of its simplicity, statelessness, immutability, and performance.

Technical Lead, DevOps / Cloud Infrastructure, IBM
Fabijan Bajo
Technical Lead, DevOps / Cloud Infrastructure

KrakenD represents a renaissance of innovation and investment in the API gateway and management space by challenging the established players with a more lightweight, high performance, and modern gateway for API publisher to put to work across their API operations, while also continuing to establish the Linux Foundation as the home for open API specifications and tooling that are continuing to touch and shape almost every business sector today

Chief Evangelist, Postman
Kin Lane
Chief Evangelist
Ardan Studios

I'm excited to hear that KrakenD framework is being brought into the family of open source projects managed by the Linux Foundation. I believe this shows the global community the commitment KrakenD has to keeping their technology open source and free to use. With the adoption that already exists, and this new promise towards the future, I expect amazing things for the product and the community around it.

Managing Partner, Ardan Studios
William Kennedy
Managing Partner

At Hepsiburada we have a massive amount of traffic and a complex ecosystem of around 500 microservices and different datacenters. Adding KrakenD to our Kubernetes clusters has helped us reduce the technical and organizational challenges of dealing with a vast amount of resources securely and easily. We have over 800 containers running with KrakenD and looking forward to having more.

Engineering Director, Hepsiburada
Alper Hankendi
Engineering Director
Openroom Inc.

KrakenD allowed us to focus on our backend and deploy a secure and performant system in a few days. After more than 2 years of use in production and 0 crash or malfunction, it also has proven its robustness

CTO, Openroom Inc.
Jonathan Muller

KrakenD makes it easier for us to manage authentication, filter bots, and integrate our apps. It has proved to be stable and reliable since day one. It is wonderful!

CTO, Stayforlong
Raúl M. Sillero

The Opensource model always was a great proof of innovation and nowadays a synonym of high-quality products and incredible attention with the real needs from the market (Customer Experience). The Linux Foundation is one of the catalysts of incredible solutions, and KrakenD and now Lura would not have a better place to be. With this move, I am sure that it is a start of a new era for this incredible solution in the API Gateway space, the market will be astonished by a lot of good things about to come.

Founder and partner, Skalena
Edgar Silva
Founder and partner

We have implemented KrakenD and I must say that I am very impressed how easy the installation and configuration process has been. The documentation is one of the best I have ever seen.

Software Architect, Single.Earth
Märt Suga
Software Architect
Gundlach Automotive

KrakenD is working on our production environment like a charm. Its documentation is well structured and comprehensive at once; so we were able to discover and activate new features without any difficulties.

Senior Full-Stack Developer, Gundlach Automotive
Martin Gilles
Senior Full-Stack Developer
Smart Tribune

Flexibility, performance and robustness are defining KrakenD just to name a few, we were able to quickly and easily build a robust gateway for our systems and we keep enjoying it everyday.

KrakenD is used worldwide

1,800,000 KrakenD servers running last month

Last update: May, 2021

Battle tested gateway!

KrakenD API Gateway has the attention from all kind of industries:

  • E-commerce
  • Marketplaces
  • Banking
  • Security
  • Image Processing
  • Video gaming
  • Classifieds
  • Online training and certifications
  • Trading platforms
  • Internet services
  • Mobility platforms
  • Social sharing
  • Supply chain
  • Blockchain
  • Video streaming
  • Industrial AR
  • Content Delivery (CDN)

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These are some of the stats of companies using KrakenD in production during the last last month:

  • 1,800,000 KrakenD servers running last month
  • 8,5K unique users per month on this site
  • 1,5K unique developers editing configuration files online

Github activity:

The KrakenD repo has stars from Github, Google, Apple, RedHat, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, Philips Health, Microsoft, Xiaomi, Booking, Datadog, Cisco, LINE, ThoughtWorks, Badoo, Lyft, Zalando, Nokia, O'Reilly, Visa, Accenture, eBay, Coca-cola, VMWare, Salesforce, N26, University of California, Davis, Sun Yat-Sen University, Fujitsu, Averitt Express, Inc, Telefonica, Dell, Joyent, Linux Foundation, NTT, Palo Alto Networks, and 3.9k stars more!

Last update of these stats: May, 2021

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