News KrakenD CE v2.7 released with better rate-limiting and security options

The fastest API gateway comes with true linear scalability

KrakenD is a stateless, distributed, high-performance API Gateway that helps you effortlessly adopt microservices

The API Gateway pattern at its full extent

KrakenD is more than a typical proxy that forwards clients to backend services, but a powerful engine that can transform, aggregate or remove data from your own or third party services. KrakenD also implements the Backend for Frontend and Micro-frontends patterns to eliminate the necessity of dealing with multiple REST services, isolating clients from the micro-service implementation details.

KrakenD flow

The fastest API Gateway in the market

+70,000 requests/second on commodity hardware

Built for performance

KrakenD's stateless architecture and performance-first approach for every internal component beat any API Gateway in the market.

Our customers with massive usage face the networking limits while KrakenD still keeps a low consumption of resources.

But don't take our word for granted, do your own benchmarks.

See the benchmarks

KrakenD comparison

KrakenD vs other products in the market. Requests per second in equal conditions. See benchmarks

Get started in 5 minutes

Edit the configuration file and run the service, as a daemon or as an agent. Don't like editing text files? No problem, use the visual KrakenDesigner.

Create endpoints at a click

All KrakenD endpoint configuration is stored in a plain text .json configuration file. You can edit this file by hand or design your API interface visually using the KrakenDesigner.

Configure online

Just run the binary

Everything you need to run the server:

krakend run --config krakend.json

The command will start the http daemon serving all the endpoints you defined in the configuration file.

Designer screenshot
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