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Enterprise support package

A KrakenD expert will integrate with your team during the implementation phase and assist you to deliver an ultra-high performance solution for your use case. We will stay with you as long as you need providing valuable support and coding if you need it. The Enterprise support package comes with:

  • Email-based support
  • Face to face[1] and videoconferencing meetings
  • Development of middlewares
  • Training

With the support package you get:

  • A KrakenD expert to work with your existing team
  • A faster and better implementation
  • A well designed microservices architecture
  • Your own middlewares coded or assistance to code them if you prefer retaining the know-how
  • Train and tutor your existing team

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[1] Face to face meetings subject to availability and customer location

Open source community

If you need support for both the KrakenD Community Edition or the KrakenD framework, the following links might help you:

KrakenD Community Edition

For questions around how to use KrakenD, what is, issues, file an issue, etc:

KrakenD framework

KrakenD is built using the KrakenD framework and other Go components. If you have comments, questions, suggestions, or want to report anything on the KrakenD framework (not the binary):

Slack channel

Go developers, join our #krakend channel at Gophers on Slack.