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KrakenD Enterprise

Enterprise software, development, consultancy, support, and training services offered by the very same KrakenD creators.

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Commercial Support

Professional support from KrakenD engineers

Get commercial support from the KrakenD Team and get a dedicated success engineer for your company. Chat or talk directly to us when you need it.

Enterprise tooling

KrakenD Studio + SaaS

KrakenD Studio is a development environment that lets you edit KrakenD configuration files and push them to a local server, including the monitoring and tracing tools (Kibana, Grafana and a Jaeger). Adds enterprise-only functionalities such as: Swagger documentation, POSTman collections, or automatic generation of gRPC plugins. The configuration files can be stored in your KrakenD Cloud account.

Observability and analytics

Powerful dashboards. Full control.

Understand what is happening behind the curtains. Get graphs for all the metrics, traces, dependencies, backend outages, response times... everything under the same dashboard to be in control.

Enterprise plugins

Access to private functionalities and plugins

Enterprise plugins provide extended functionality to handle your API and microservices. The Enterprise subscription gives you access to our private repositories where you can find additional software and plugins to load on KrakenD.

Developer & Management Portal

Stateless nodes. Central management

KrakenD's stateless design is the only architecture that can provide true linear scalability. KrakenD does not require node coordination or centralization, but yet, Enterprise users can manage their nodes.

Lowest operational cost

Save money in infrastructure and licenses

KrakenD runs in very small machines and needs no database to operate. With an average of 100MB RAM on heavy-traffic machines, KrakenD is low cost. The Enterprise subscription lets you run unlimited clusters and nodes.

Safe upgrades

Security and bug fixes quickly and safely

Bring to production new functionalities, security issues and improvements as they are released. Get bug fixes and pre-releases in advance. Upgrade from version to version with the help of our engineers.

On-prem, Hybrid and Cloud

KrakenD Enterprise is for any installation

KrakenD natively runs in any cloud or private datacenter and is designed to run in container platforms like Kubernetes, Mesos, Swarm, or Nomad or directly installed in bare metal, your choice.

Plus access to all our engineering services

Services driven by engineers who are used to heavy-traffic

Gateway Integration

Let us assist in putting in motion KrakenD integrated with your environment. We can do the heavy lifting for you.

Core developers

Get access to the core KrakenD team. Open unlimited incidents, book face to face[1] or video conferencing meetings.

Custom Development

If you are in need of more plugins or components, get the code developed by an expert engineer.

SRE & Operations

Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) to create ultra-scalable and highly reliable API Gateway systems. Cluster configuration, deployment on on-premises, cloud or hybrid.

Tailor-made Training

Specially crafted training for your team, webinars or on-site[1] visits. Teams with all the needed knowledge, so they are completely autonomous.

Step-by-step Guidance

From beginner to expert, let us guide you all the way and understand everything that is going on.

Code Reviews

Get onboard KrakenD core contributors to go through your developed components, middleware or implementations.

From monolith to micro-services

We've done it many times. Let's together plan and chop the monolith into microservices. Transparently, without client outgages.

[1] On-site visits and face to face meetings are subject to personnel availability and customer location.

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