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Native InfluxDB exporter

Document updated on Apr 28, 2021

KrakenD can expose detailed and extended metrics via the krakend-metrics). The krakend-influx component lets you send these extended KrakenD metrics to InfluxDB.

Notice that there are two different implementations of InfluxDB in KrakenD:

Which InfluxDB implementation should I choose?
The native implementation exports data from a collector that is tailor-made for KrakenD, and also richer in content and less abstract. On the other hand, the OpenCensus exporter for InfluxDB is more generalistic and abstract, but implements a collector with less data. For our Grafana dahsboard, choose this one.

InfluxDB configuration

Pushing data to InfluxDB requires adding two different configuration pieces:

  • Enabling the extended metrics (collecting the information)
  • Enabling InfluxDB (pushing the data)

You can accomplish it with the following snippet.

  "version": 2,
  "extra_config": {
        "db": "krakend",
        "username": "your-influxdb-user",
        "password": "your-influxdb-password"
    "github_com/devopsfaith/krakend-metrics": {
      "collection_time": "30s",
      "listen_address": ""
  • address (string): The complete url of the influxdb including the port if different from defaults in http/https
  • ttl (duration): Expressed as (e.g: 30s,1m). See accepted values.
  • buffer_size (integer): Use 0 to send events immediately or set the number of points that should be sent together.
  • db (string): Name of the database, defaults to krakend.
  • username and password are optional and used to authenticate against InfluxDB.

Now you are ready to publish a Grafana dashboard.


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