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API Dashboard with Instana

Document updated on Jul 24, 2020

API Dashboard with Instana

Instana is a fully automated Application Performance Management (APM) solution designed specifically for the challenges of managing microservice and cloud-native applications.

With Instana you:

  • Gain instant visibility with zero effort
  • Quickly make sense of chaotic modern environments
  • Identify and solve performance issues in seconds

Instana configuration

The Instana exporter allows you export data to Instana. Enabling it only requires you to add the instana namespace with a few seetings as follows:

   "version": 2,
   "extra_config": {
     "github_com/devopsfaith/krakend-instana": {
        "AgentHost": "localhost",
        "AgentPort": 46999

The following fields are mandatory in the configuration:

  • AgentHost (string): By default Instana uses localhost
  • AgentPort (int): By default Instana uses 46999.

The following fields are also available as optional to override certain Instana configuration:

  • Service (string): The global service name that will be used to identify the program in the Instana backend. The service name is set to the name of current executable by default.
  • MaxBufferedSpans (int): The maximum number of spans to buffer
  • ForceTransmissionStartingAt (int): The number of spans to collect before flushing the buffer to the agent
  • LogLevel (int): One of Error 0, Warn 1, Info 2 or Debug 3
  • EnableAutoProfile (bool): Enables automatic continuous process profiling when true
  • MaxBufferedProfiles (int): The maximum number of profiles to buffer
  • IncludeProfilerFrames (bool): Whether to include profiler calls into the profile or not
  • Tracer (object): Tracer-specific configuration used by all tracers:
    • DropAllLogs (bool): turns log events on all spans into no-ops
      • MaxLogsPerSpan (int): MaxLogsPerSpan limits the number of log records in a span (if set to a non-zero value). If a span has more logs than this value, logs are dropped as necessary
      • Secrets (object): A secrets matcher used to filter out sensitive data from HTTP requests, database connection strings, etc. By default tracer does not filter any values. See secrets
      • CollectableHTTPHeaders (list): Case-insensitive list of HTTP headers to be collected from HTTP requests and sent to the agent

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