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Client redirects

Document updated on Jan 28, 2021

When a backend returns a redirect, the default behaviour of KrakenD is to follow the redirection and serve the final content to the user. When this behaviour needs to be prevented and let the end-client follow the redirect itself, then you need to enable the krakend-redirect plugin.

Client redirect configuration

You can stop KrakenD from following redirections like 301 with the following configuration in your backend section:

    "endpoint": "/redirect",
    "output_encoding": "no-op",
    "backend": [
            "url_pattern": "/__debug",
            "encoding": "no-op",
            "extra_config": {
                "": {
                    "name": "krakend-redirect"

Important: The only encoding you can use is no-op for both the output_encoding of the endpoint and the encoding of the backend.

There is no additional configuration other than enabling the plugin needed.


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