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Delivery Club ( group) Case Study: Success Story

Largest online food delivery in Russia

Location: Moscow, Russia Industry: E-commerce

Delivery Club, a brand, is the largest online food delivery platform in Russia, moving food from thousands of restaurants to homes in more than 100 cities.

Delivery Club processes +30,000 orders per day, 72% of which are made from mobile devices.

The technology is built using a modernized microservices architecture with around 20 services, including KrakenD API Gateway that sits between end users and Delivery Club’s services.

KrakenD’s main duty is processing ingoing and outgoing traffic making sure that user sessions are properly authorized when needed, and discarding malicious activity and hacking attempts.

As the services are many, KrakenD provides automatic data aggregation of these many services in simplified endpoints. This aggregation allows the UI teams to concentrate on the desired data model and use case instead of dealing with multiple connections, transformations, and merging of services.

As microservices are maintained by different teams, their structure differs. But KrakenD transforms and standardizes the output of the microservices for more convenient consumption.

Finally, Delivery Club engineers have taken advantage of the extensible design of KrakenD and have created specific plugins to integrate better with their processes and technologies, such as a custom workflow to validate users.

DeliveryClub Map

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About Group

The Group is an Internet giant with a team that includes more than 5,500 people, working on services which are used by millions of people all over the world. group provides services of all kinds, from email services to social networks, e-commerce, or games, to name a few.

Delivery Club is an independent club project, combining hundreds of food and product delivery services into a single ordering system.

The project aims to provide its users with the best conditions for quick, convenient, and profitable implementation of orders.

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