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E-commerce mobile app using the Backend for Frontend pattern

Location: Indonesia Industry: E-commerce

Established in the Jakarta City of Indonesia in November 2015, PT. Dusdusan Dotcom Indonesia is a mobile Internet company engaged in the research, development, and operation of E-business platform.

As a leader of membership E-business in Indonesia,, together with many domestic and foreign top brands and quality emerging brands, has integrated into the life of thousands of Indonesian families.

As the business developed rapidly, needs to keep improving its platform. In 2018 the new platform had been migrated to KrakendD to get the highest performance using Microservice Architecture and a local cloud operator (GIO Cloud).

Typically, a backend is developed in parallel to the UI and provides all the features needed, but the backend service is a general-purpose service that has to provide data for many formats and purposes than just the UI.

Dusdusan’s mobile-focused applications use KrakenD as their Backend for Frontend so the interface teams can work on the frontend without needing to wait for backend teams to implement their requirements.

The BBF pattern provides Dusdusan these immediate benefits:

  • Decouple microservices updates from mobile release cycles
  • Data aggregation and optimized consumption of microservices.
  • Better performance
  • Resilience, consistency, and opportunity for experimentation
  • Avoid bottlenecks in the backend team
  • Faster software releases

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About is Indonesian Leading Membership E-commerce Platform with more than 86000 VIP members driven by community throughout whole area of Indonesia. The company has its headquarter in Jakarta, Indonesia.


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