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iContainers Case Study: Success Story

API data consumption from multiple freight providers

Location: Barcelona, Spain Industry: Logistics

iContainers is an ocean freight forwarder that allows you to compare, book, manage, and track maritime shipments in real-time without intermediaries.

As importers and exporters combine more than 500,000 rates and maritime transport routes from different providers, KrakenD plays the role of a Backend for Frontend in several SPAs. Some examples are the back-office, the partners portal, or the pricing API.

KrakenD’s primary duty in all these cases is to provide a reliable way to fetch data from multiple providers and APIs and merge the results of all the services into useful endpoints. Data fetched by KrakenD is normalized and standardized for a unified consumption of SPA clients.

When providers change or upgrade their API contract, developers adjust the configuration file and redeploy the changes. It’s all it takes to start using the new contract, and clients do not need to change a single line.

KrakenD has been running without any issue on iContainers since 2017.

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About iContainers

iContainers, with offices in Barcelona (Spain), and Miami (Florida) is an innovative solution to the problems of a stagnant freight industry. Founded in 2008, iContainers started with the mission to bring international trade to any company, regardless of its importing or exporting experience, size or geographical location.

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