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Instill AI Case Study: Success Story

Fueling APIs behind Artificial Intelligence

Location: London, UK Industry: AI

Initial Challenges

In our pursuit of harnessing unstructured data’s value, we faced challenges in our microservice architecture that required a portable, lightweight, and high-performance API Gateway solution. This was crucial for maintaining real-time end-to-end requirements while ensuring seamless integration with our existing technologies. Our Scenario

KrakenD emerged as the perfect solution for our needs. We seamlessly integrated KrakenD into both Instill Core and Instill Cloud’s API Gateways. This integration not only improved our microservice architecture’s efficiency but also streamlined our entire data processing pipeline. By utilizing KrakenD, we achieved a level of agility and performance that was previously unattainable.

Results & Outcomes

The adoption of KrakenD yielded exceptional results for us. We experienced enhanced performance in our API Gateway layer, leading to reduced latency and improved response times. This, in turn, positively impacted our overall system architecture. The return on investment was evident in the improved efficiency of our data processing workflows, allowing us to extract more value from our unstructured data than ever before.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, we plan to continue leveraging KrakenD’s flexibility and extensibility to drive innovation in our data processing methodologies. As we expand and refine our services, KrakenD will remain a crucial component of our technology stack, enabling us to evolve and adapt to changing data landscapes.

Why KrakenD?

We chose KrakenD for several reasons. Its Go-based architecture and configuration-based approach align perfectly with our technical requirements. The lightweight nature of KrakenD ensures that our microservices remain agile and responsive. The plug-in design offers extensibility, allowing us to tailor the API Gateway behavior to our specific needs. KrakenD’s high-performance capabilities further contribute to our ability to process data in real-time.

Closing Testimonial

KrakenD’s flexibility and extensibility have helped us rapidly iterate our MVP without much concern about the API Gateway’s limitations. This empowers us to focus on developing core features, knowing that our API Gateway solution is both robust and adaptable. - Ping-Lin Chang, CEO, Instill AI.

About the author(s)

Ping-Lin Chang is Co-Founder & CEO at Instill AI

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Instill AI is a pioneering company that offers innovative no-/low-code tools designed to transform unstructured data into meaningful data representations. Their goal is to empower users to seamlessly integrate their services into data stacks, allowing them to tap into the potential of their unstructured data and leverage AI effortlessly. With a focus on portability, performance, and flexibility, they enable organizations to make the most out of their data assets.

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