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Benchmarking API Gateways to deliver the fastest image service

Case Study - Adevinta (formerly Schibsted)

Adevinta handles a vast amount of traffic, as it operates marketplaces with an average of 1.5 billion visits every month. The adoption of KrakenD’s technology in production started in early 2017 and has been running since then.

Adevinta was investigating how to get more performance in their company-wide solution related to images streaming. The existing application was having performance issues, and it was needed to start looking for possible solutions to serve all the marketplaces better.

After several weeks of research, stress-tests and benchmarking several products in the market, Adevinta decided to choose KrakenD as the engine.

Adevinta’s Edge team implemented the new service using KrakenD, replacing Netflix’s Zuul solution as KrakenD outperformed the rest of the compared solutions.

After the first year of successful service using KrakenD, and thanks to Adevinta’s commitment with open-source, their engineers released several KrakenD components that help the community to integrate KrakenD with the Netflix stack: a new rate limiter, a new circuit breaker and a Eureka integration (service discovery).

About Adevinta

Adevinta operates digital marketplaces in 16 countries in Europe, Latin America and North Africa, receiving an average of 1.5 billion visits every month. Their leading local brands include Leboncoin in France, InfoJobs in Spain, Subito in Italy and Jofogás in Hungary, among many others. Adevinta is the new company name after moving outside the Nordics all the marketplaces of Schibsted (an international media group with 8000 employees).

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