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Open Room Inc Case Study: Success Story

API Gateway for Real Estate applications

Location: Tokyo, Japan Industry: Real Estate

Open Room Inc. uses KrakenD to expose easily and safely various Real Estate applications, to help agents in their daily work and end-users to find the home they are looking for.

Open Room uses image processing, character recognition, document analysis, and machine learning.

KrakenD API Gateway helped Open Room to reduce the latency of all queries by grouping backend queries by frontend use-case, and allowed Open Room to build their API simply and coherently. It also reduced the bandwidth used for the frontend apps with the filtering and remapping features: faster applications for the end-user without any need to change the codebase.

KrakenD secures all requests by validating the JWT tokens and forwarding information to the backends. It helped Open Room to secure quickly applications that were previously difficult to guard without specific coding or configuration (AWS API Gateway, Lambda) and can handle real-time invalidation of JWT on all deployed instance with very low latency.

KrakenD reduced the costs of using AWS API Gateway by replacing the API Gateway cache.

Open Room uses KrakenD in production and staging environment since 2018 and has not experienced any downtime.

Krakend allowed us to focus on our backend and deploy a secure and performant system in a few days. After more than 2 years of use in production and 0 crash or malfunction, it also have proven its robustness – Jonathan Muller, CTO

KrakenD also improved development time and quality by allowing Open Room to mock backend answers quickly, allowing backend and frontend developers to work parallelly on features.

Thanks to its hackable and Open Source nature, KrakenD was easy for Open Room to tweak to match some specific business use-cases.

About the author(s)

Jonathan Muller is CTO at Open Room Inc.

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About Open Room Inc

Open Room is a startup based in Tokyo that aims to improve the way the Real Estate industry works, introducing new technologies to Real Estate companies to improve their efficiency and giving people the right tools to find their new home.

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