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Privalia Case Study: Success Story

Salesforce integration with company’s microservices

Location: France Industry: E-commerce

Veepee is the European flash sales leader with 72M of members, and Privalia its strategic brand for Spain, Italy, Brazil, and Mexico.

Privalia, with +13M members, evolved their customer care solution from an in-house solution to a Salesforce integration with their internal systems.


Before KrakenD, the main challenge of Veepee was to integrate Salesforce with multiple microservices and handle authorization, security, and aggregation in the middle layers.

KrakenD solved this challenge with out of the box features, keeping Privalia’s logic separated, and decoupled from Salesforce.

KrakenD sits between Salesforce and Veepee’s microservices as the single entry point for all Salesforce endpoints, providing a single API to accommodate all the transactions. The company’s internal SSO integrates with KrakenD, generating JWT tokens and letting the gateway validate them.

Salesforce executes a lot of transactions in real-time against the internal data of Veepee systems. Only if KrakenD validates the signature, authenticity, and roles of these tokens generated by the SSO, connection to the internal system is allowed.

KrakenD has provided Privalia with a very convenient way to secure and accommodate communications between Salesforce and their microservices. The configuration to achieve this is plain simple, and what is more critical, it allows reusing all of the existing company components.

About the author(s)

Daniel Heredia is the lead developer behind the SAP integration

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About Privalia

Veepee (ex is a French e-commerce company that pioneered the model of online flash sales (also called event sales). The site was developed in an online environment to host sales of designer brands only for members with discounted prices from 50% to 70% off. These sales include a diverse selection of product categories: fashion, accessories, toys, watches, home appliances, sports equipment, technology, and wines.

Since 2016, Veepees’s growth has been boosted by acquiring stakes in leading strategic players that are profitable on their markets or buying them outright: vente-exclusive in Benelux, Privalia in Spain, Italy, Brazil and Mexico, in Switerland, Designers&Friends in Denmark and ZloteWyprzedaze in Poland.

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