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KrakenD Enterprise 1.3.0 released

by Albert Lombarte

May 21, 2021

2 min read

We are glad to announce that KrakenD Enterprise 1.3.0 is out. The new release comes with the following new features.

New CLI commands

The KrakenD binary comes with new generator commands, thought to be integrated into automated CI/CD pipelines.

  • generate postman: Creates a Postman collection that imports all KrakenD endpoints into Postman. It’s no longer necessary to use the KrakenD Studio to generate this content.
  • generate openapi: Automatic generation of API documentation through a static Swagger file. The command reads your krakend.json file and outputs the OpenAPI spec.
  • generate config2dot: Renders a PNG file with the configuration when graphviz is installed in the system or the container.

Wildcard routes

The krakend-wildcard plugin allows you that URLs starting with known patterns are forwarded to a common endpoint without declaring all possible routes. For instance, you want to forward all traffic to /foo/* (with any nesting levels) to a specific backend.

Multiple identity providers and complete RBAC system on JWT

Previous versions of KrakenD supported only one identity provider per endpoint. The JWK aggregator allows you to validate users with tokens generated by multiple identity providers.

JWT validation comes now with the following additions:

  • Scopes validation
  • Extract and forward claims as headers
  • Support for Oracle Identity Cloud Service
  • Allow loading of local JWK files

Upgrading to 1.3.0

The only requirement to upgrade from prior versions is to pass the --accept-eula flag (or -e) when running the container or server.

Secret providers

KrakenD 1.3.0 comes with the integration of secret providers such as:

  • Amazon KMS
  • Azure’s Key Vault
  • Google Cloud KMS
  • Hashicorp’s Vault
  • Encrypted or plain base64 file

Upgrade to KrakenD 1.3.0 now!

The new version and its documentation are available to download from the repository and Docker registry.

If you have any questions about the new features and changes, get in touch.

Thanks for trusting KrakenD!

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