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Perx Case Study: Success Story

Digital services for the world’s leading car manufacturers and dealer networks

Location: Moscow, Russia Industry: Automotive

Perx is developing a data management platform called Hoop built on microservices and an architecture that makes use of extensive internal and external communications through REST APIs and asynchronous NATS channels.

KrakenD API Gateway offers robust functionality to control the traffic between external API clients and services. It aggregates microservices responses together into one unified API and thus provides flexible options for request/response manipulation to meet customers’ needs.

Using KrakenD provides secure external connections with OAuth. It takes part in the platforms’ authorization mechanisms and simplifies the process of microservices development.

Hoop implements its custom authorization logic right in KrakenD due to its extensible design and plugins system.

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About Perx

Perx is a software developing company working on a data management platform called Hoop, which provides MDM, PIM, and CMS functionalities widely used in the infrastructure of Enterprises.

Perx deploys web marketing platforms and data management solutions for car manufacturing companies, dealers companies so that they collaborate and reinforce one another.

Perx works with automobile industry companies like Mazda, Jaguar Land Rover, Suzuki, Renault, Honda, and 400+ Dealers.

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