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KrakenD Now Available on Auth0 Marketplace

by Albert Garcia

Jun 15, 2021

open source, company, press release

3 min read

Barcelona – 15th June 2020 – KrakenD today announced the availability of its API Gateway on Auth0 Marketplace, a catalog of trusted technology integrations to extend the functionality of Auth0’s identity management platform. KrakenD offers an ultra-performant API Gateway that allows companies to effortlessly adopt a microservices architecture through a powerful engine that can transform, aggregate, and remove data from their own or third-party services. The KrakenD API Gateway serves as a unified interface for managing incoming API requests and connecting to the correct destination, while supporting functionalities across security, authorization, traffic management, observability, and load balancing, among others.

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KrakenD framework becomes a Linux Foundation project

by Albert Lombarte

May 11, 2021

open source, company, press release

2 min read

Today, together with the Linux Foundation, we are announcing that the KrakenD framework, our core engine, has been donated to the Linux Foundation and is now the “Lura Project.” The Lura Project’s mission is to offer an extendable, simple, and stateless high-performance API Gateway framework designed for cloud-native and on-prem setups. Rather than solving a specific use case, Lura provides a library of components, a framework for assembling them into custom API gateway systems like a Lego set.

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