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Benchmarks Overview

Document updated on Oct 28, 2016

KrakenD, the ultra performer API Gateway

An API Gateway is a component that needs to deliver really fast, as it is an added layer in the infrastructure. KrakenD was built with performance in mind. In this page and inner pages, you’ll find several tests we did to measure the performance. We also invite you to do them for yourself!

TL;DR: Benchmark results

~18,000 requests/second on an ordinary laptop.

The following table summarizes different performance tests using Amazon EC2 virtual instances and an example with a laptop.

#Hardware specsRequests secondAverage response
1.Amazon EC2 (c4.2xlarge)10126.1613 reqs/s9.8ms
2.Amazon EC2 (c4.xlarge)8465.4012 reqs/s11.7ms
3.Amazon EC2 (m4.large)3634.1247 reqs/s27.3ms
4.Amazon EC2 (t2.medium)2781.8611 reqs/s351.3ms
5.Amazon EC2 (t2.micro)2757.6407 reqs/s35.8ms
6.MacBook Pro (Aug 2015) 2,2 GHz Intel Core i718157.4274 reqs/s5.5ms

Benchmark in a MacBook Pro

Here you will find the results of the benchmarks

Benchmark in Amazon AWS EC2 Instances

Here you will find the results of the benchmarks

API Gateway Benchmark

Here you will find the results of the comparisons



Some local benchmarks used the hey tool, which is an Apache Benchmark (ab) replacement tool.


This project aims to provide a complete set of tools needed to do simple performance comparisons in the API manager/gateway space. It is inspired by the great Framework Benchmarks project by TechEmpower.

Check the varnish/api-gateway-benchmarks project for more info.


LWAN is a high performance web server used to build the backends REST APIs for KrakenD to load the data during the benchmarks.


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