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Exporting traces to Datadog

Document updated on Sep 1, 2021

Exporting traces to Datadog

Datadog is a monitoring and security platform for developers, IT operations teams and business in the cloud.

Datadog configuration

The Opencensus exporter allows you export data to Datadog. Enabling it only requires you to add the datadog exporter in the opencensus module.

The following configuration snippet sends data to your Datadog:

  "extra_config": {
    "github_com/devopsfaith/krakend-opencensus": {
      "exporters": {
        "datadog": {
          "tags": [
          "global_tags": {
            "env": "prod"
          "disable_count_per_buckets": true,
          "trace_address": "localhost:8126",
          "stats_address": "localhost:8125",
          "namespace": "krakend",
          "service": "gateway"
  • tags (list) specifies a set of global tags to attach to each metric
  • global_tags (object) GlobalTags holds a set of tags (key/value) that will automatically be applied to all exported spans.
  • service (string) Service specifies the service name used for tracing
  • trace_address (string) TraceAddr specifies the host[:port] address of the Datadog Trace Agent. It defaults to localhost:8126.
  • stats_address (string) StatsAddr specifies the host[:port] address for DogStatsD. It defaults to localhost:8125. To enable ingestion using Unix Domain Socket (UDS) mount your UDS path and reference it in the stats_address using a path like unix:///var/run/datadog/dsd.socket.
  • disable_count_per_buckets (bool) Specifies whether to emit count_per_bucket metrics

See also the additional settings of the Opencensus module that can be declared.

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