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Extended metrics and the /__stats endpoint

Document updated on May 2, 2021

The metrics middleware collects extended metrics and exposes them in the /__stats/ endpoint. The endpoint runs in a different port than the API, and contains a lot of metrics.

Through the extended metrics you can create new tools or integrate with existing ones. For instance, combining the metrics with the InfluxDB extended metrics you can have a Grafana dashboard.


In order to add metrics to your KrakenD installation add the github_com/devopsfaith/krakend-metrics namespace under extra_config in the root of your configuration file, e.g.:

  "version": 2,
  "extra_config": {
    "github_com/devopsfaith/krakend-metrics": {
      "collection_time": "60s",
      "proxy_disabled": false,
      "router_disabled": false,
      "backend_disabled": false,
      "endpoint_disabled": false,
      "listen_address": ":8090"

The options of the middleware are:

  • collection_time: The time window to collect metrics. Defaults to 60 seconds.
  • proxy_disabled: Skip any metrics happening in the proxy layer (traffic against your backends)
  • router_disabled: Skip any metrics happening in the router layer (activity in KrakenD endpoints)
  • backend_disabled: Skip any metrics happening in the backend layer.
  • endpoint_disabled: Do not publish the /__stats/ endpoint. Metrics won’t be accessible via the endpoint but still collected.
  • listen_address: Change the listening address where the metrics endpoint is exposed. It defaults to :8090.

The structure of the metrics looks like this (truncated):

Sample of /__stats endpoint 
$curl http://localhost:8090/__stats
  "cmdline": [
  "krakend.router.connected": 0,
  "krakend.router.connected-gauge": 0,
  "krakend.router.connected-total": 0,
  "krakend.router.disconnected": 0,
  "krakend.router.disconnected-gauge": 0,
  "krakend.router.disconnected-total": 0,
  "krakend.service.debug.GCStats.LastGC": 1605724147216402400,
  "krakend.service.debug.GCStats.NumGC": 102,
  "krakend.service.debug.GCStats.Pause.50-percentile": 0,
  "krakend.service.debug.GCStats.Pause.75-percentile": 0,
  "krakend.service.debug.GCStats.Pause.95-percentile": 0,
  "krakend.service.debug.GCStats.Pause.99-percentile": 0,
  "krakend.service.debug.GCStats.Pause.999-percentile": 0,
  "krakend.service.debug.GCStats.Pause.count": 0,
  "krakend.service.debug.GCStats.Pause.max": 0,
  "krakend.service.debug.GCStats.Pause.mean": 0,
  "krakend.service.debug.GCStats.Pause.min": 0,
  "krakend.service.debug.GCStats.Pause.std-dev": 0,

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