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KrakenD vs KrakenD-CE

If you had a quick look at our git repositories you might be confused at first, as we have a repository named krakend and another one named krakend-ce.

What is the difference between KrakenD and KrakenD-CE? and KrakenD Enterprise?


  • KrakenD is a framework
  • KrakenD-CE is a ready to use API Gateway
  • KrakenD Enterprise is professional services to businesses

KrakenD framework

KrakenD (repo) is an open-source project created by @devopsfaith to accelerate the creation of API Gateways. The KrakenD framework provides several components for assembling your own API Gateway and can be used in its entirety or just importing it as Go libraries to take only some of the functionality it brings.

Unlike the rest of API Gateways in the space, KrakenD framework aims to bring together Go enthusiasts and professionals to collaborate together towards building API Gateways. KrakenD is very modular and lets you replace the components or add new ones (middlewares).

KrakenD focuses on building the core framework and functionality a pure API gateway needs and it keeps it clean and extensible so you can create your own custom gateway without trouble.

KrakenD Community Edition

KrakenD-CE (repo) is a ready to use API gateway. This is our interpretation of what the community will need, just one answer of the thousands of combinations an API Gateway might need. The KrakenD-CE uses the KrakenD framework in its core and extends its functionality by adding in the final binary some of the several middleware contributions we thought an API Gateway should have.

KrakenD-CE adds to the KrakenD framework interesting functionality like logging, service discovery, developer tools, metrics, circuit breaker, rate limiting, oauth, security and other interesting stuff.

The good news, is that we always refer to both things as “KrakenD” :)

KrakenD Enterprise

There is no Enterprise software. KrakenD(-CE) is the same product for paying customers or the community. The KrakenD Enterprise subscription is a series of services in consultancy, development and support around KrakenD.