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HTTP Client plugins (proxy layer)

HTTP Client plugins (proxy layer)

The HTTP client plugins execute in the proxy layer, this is when KrakenD tries to reach your backends for content. They allow you to intercept, transform, and manipulate the requests before they hit your backend services, and its way back. It is the perfect time to modify the request before it reaches the backend.

HTTP client plugins cannot be chained. You can use up to one plugin per backend connection.

http handler plugin

HTTP client interface

Writing plugins
Read the introduction to writing plugins for compilation and configuration options if you haven’t done it yet.

To start with a hello world for your first plugin you have to implement the plugin client interface by copying the example provided in the Go documentation:

A more complete example of this type of plugin that the basic plugin above can be found in the article gRPC-gateway as a KrakenD plugin, which builds a gRPC-gateway to connect to your backends. Go through the article and linked sources to get your plugin working.

Unresolved issues?

The documentation is only a piece of the help you can get! Whether you are looking for Open Source or Enterprise support, see more support channels that can help you.

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