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The KrakenD Enterprise Playground

Document updated on Sep 27, 2018

The KrakenD Enterprise Playground

The KrakenD Enterprise Playground is a Docker Compose demonstration environment that puts together the necessary pieces to get you started with our API Gateway, using example use-cases.

As KrakenD is an API gateway, we have added surrounding services:

  • Internal and third-party services that feed the gateway
  • Authentication/authorization examples, including JWT token-based authentication with Auth0 integration, a JWT token revoker, API-Key-based authentication, and basic authentication.
  • Static assets to test the by KrakenD Static Server based on disk content
  • Integrations with Grafana+Influx (metrics), ELK (log storing and visualization), and Jaeger (tracing).

An environment ready to use!

The KrakenD Enterprise Playground can be managed easily using customized make commands. Once up & running, you can fire up your browser, curl, Postman, httpie or anything else you use to interact with the services.

Start the stack included in docker-compose 
$  make start

Follow the KrakenD logs after the complete stack is up & running 
$  make logs

Shut down the complete stack, removing all the volumes 
$  make stop

Have a look at the docker-compose.yml file to understand how these services interact together, and also at the krakend.json file to find out what endpoints are exposed.

If you’d like to see more examples, please let us know or open an issue!


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