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Traffic management overview

Last update: Sep 29, 2018

KrakenD offers several ways to protect the usage of your infrastructure that might act at very different levels.

The most significant type of traffic management feature is the rate limit that allows you to throttle the traffic of end-users or the traffic of KrakenD against your backend services. The rate limits mainly cover the following purposes:

  • Avoid stressing or flooding your backend services with massive requests (proxy rate limit)
  • Establish a quota of usage for your exposed API (router rate limit)
  • Create a simple QoS strategy for your API

Traffic Management covers:

  • Circuit Breaker: An automatic protection measure for your stack and avoids cascade failures.
  • Rate-limiting:
  • Spike Arrest: Ensures a minimum time between different requests goes by
  • Service Discovery: To detect and locate services automatically on your enterprise network.
  • Bot detection: Reject bots carrying out scraping, content theft, and other forms of spam.

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