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Graylog and the GELF format

Document updated on Sep 15, 2019

KrakenD supports sending structured events in GELF format to your Graylog Cluster thanks to the krakend-gelf integration.

The setup of GELF is straightforward and requires only to set two parameters:

  • address: The address (including the port) of your Graylog cluster (or any other service that receives GELF inputs).
  • enable_tcp: Set to false (recommended) to use UDP. When using TCP performance might be affected.

Enabling GELF

Add the krakend-gelf integration in the root level of your krakend.json, inside the extra_config section. The gologging needs to be enabled too.

For instance:

    "extra_config": {
      "telemetry/gelf": {
        "address": "myGraylogInstance:12201",
        "enable_tcp": false
      "telemetry/logging": {
          "level": "INFO",
          "prefix": "[KRAKEND]",
          "syslog": false,
          "stdout": true


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