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InfluxDB Telemetry Integration

Document updated on Feb 27, 2024

InfluxDB is a time series database designed to handle high write and query loads and allows you to store and visualize metrics data. Influx is offered as an open-source solution you can host but also as a cloud service.

Native influx component
Before KrakenD v2.6, the only option to push data to Influx was configuring the native exporter telemetry/influx. Although the component is development-frozen in favor of OTEL, you can still use it as described in the Metrics API.

KrakenD instruments your API automatically code and generates telemetry data that is pushed using the OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP) via the OpenTelemetry integration. The data can travel through gRPC or HTTP and uses the standard OTLP format an OTEL Collector expects.

The OpenTelemetry integration populates metrics data to an Influx database when you add the telemetry/opentelemetry namespace to the configuration with an otlp exporter. There is no specific setting for InfluxDB because OTEL is a standard shared with many other technologies.

The flow for the Influx population using OTLP is as follows:

KrakenD OTLP communication with a Collector that sends to Influx

You can configure OpenTelemetry with an otlp exporter to push data to InfluxDB.


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