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Postman Integration Guide for Developers

Document updated on Nov 6, 2023

The Postman generator is a command line utility embedded in the KrakenD binary, offering the automatic generation of Postman collections based on the KrakenD configuration.

When you call the generate postman command, it reads the KrakenD configuration and generates a collection of endpoints as a Postman specification.

Another option you have to import your API specifications is to import an OpenAPI file into Postman. You can generate the OpenAPI specification from a KrakenD API using the OpenAPI export

Postman collections

Generating the Postman collection

The command needed to generate the Postman collection is krakend generate postman:

Command to start KrakenD 
$krakend generate postman -h

╓▄█                          ▄▄▌                               ╓██████▄µ
▐███  ▄███╨▐███▄██H╗██████▄  ║██▌ ,▄███╨ ▄██████▄  ▓██▌█████▄  ███▀╙╙▀▀███╕
▐███▄███▀  ▐█████▀"╙▀▀"╙▀███ ║███▄███┘  ███▀""▀███ ████▀╙▀███H ███     ╙███
▐██████▌   ▐███⌐  ,▄████████M║██████▄  ║██████████M███▌   ███H ███     ,███
▐███╨▀███µ ▐███   ███▌  ,███M║███╙▀███  ███▄```▄▄` ███▌   ███H ███,,,╓▄███▀
▐███  ╙███▄▐███   ╙█████████M║██▌  ╙███▄`▀███████╨ ███▌   ███H █████████▀
                     ``                     `'`

Version: 2.6.4
Generates the Postman descriptor for the gateway based on the configuration file.
  krakend generate postman [flags]
krakend generate postman -c config.json -o postman.json
  -h, --help   help for postman
Global Flags:
  -c, --config string   Path to the configuration filename
  -d, --debug           Enable the debug
  -o, --out string      Path to the generated result. (default "out.json")

When the output file is generated, you can import it from Postman and share it with your peers.

Import the collection to Postman

To import the generated collections into Postman go to File > Import. You can then either upload the file, or serve it from a KrakenD URL using the static-filesystem component. Postman accepts importing Collections and OpenAPI files.


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