News KrakenD CE v2.2 released! The new open-source version, bringing a new audit command for configuration security analysis and other features.

Traffic mirroring: test your APIs automatically, without writing tests

by Daniel Lopez

Jul 27, 2021

6 min read

Integration and load testing are in the list of best practices in our sector, but synthesizing good inputs for such tests and analyzing the results are usually two hard things to achieve. This post will show you how we suggest our customers set up a shadow testing system with minimal impact on the production environment and proper harness. Quick overview As pointed out at Testing new backend features by using the production load.

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How we automated our RPM and DEB packaging with Docker

by taik0

Nov 6, 2017

6 min read

Everyone loves reaching the maximum number of available platforms for their software but this usually comes at a cost. In this article we will explain how we generated our packaging for Linux in an automated fashion, being faithful to our DevOps dogma. Dockerize all the things! Our dev team uses both Linux and MacOS X in desktop machines and KrakenD has been running and behaving in the same way in all the platforms because from day one we decided to run everything on Docker.

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