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Rainbow Smile Case Study: Success Story

Reducing TTM and Increasing Speed of Hypothesis Testing with a Gateway Solution

Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia Industry: E-Commerce, Retail

To us, KrakenD is an enterprise system that forgives mistakes and allows you to get the desired result.

The challenges

At “Rainbow Smile”, we faced challenges with publishing technical APIs from external sources, leading to increased development costs and a violation of the Domain Driven Design. We also needed help publishing the REST interface, which required developer involvement.


To solve these challenges, we implemented KrakenD as a gateway for systems that do not support gRPC. In addition, we have moved the API configurations to appropriate repositories and included KrakenD in our current delivery cycle.

Results and Outcomes

We have seen a reduction in Time To Market for epics by 10% and a 100% decrease in crashes related to configuration consistency errors. It has also allowed for faster launch of API prototypes, with a 70% increase in speed for hypothesis testing.

The company plans to scale this experience to all public systems and bring part of the functionality (caching, authentication) to the responsibility of KrakenD.

Why KrakenD

“Rainbow Smile” chose KrakenD due to its low entry threshold, k8s-readiness, excellent documentation, performance, and reliability.

To us, KrakenD is an enterprise system that forgives mistakes and allows you to get the desired result.

About the author(s)

This case study has been facilitated by Anna Parshakova (Development Team Leader Assistant) in behalf of the IT team of Rainbow Smile chain stores and the online store

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About Rainbow Smile

Улыбка радуги (Rainbow Smile) is a leading federal retail chain in Russia, with over 1024 stores across the country and 9850 employees.

The company has been in existence for more than 22 years and has received numerous awards, including “Best Chain Store in Russia” and “Best Online Store in Russia 2021-2022”

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