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Pretty Technical Case Study: Success Story

Compose microservices and nanoservices in a single service

Location: United Kingdom Industry: IT Services

Pretty Technical has specialists providing consultancy and services for the finance and gaming industries.

Pretty Technical has a focus on simplicity and automation, and at the same time, they develop their business tools using microservices, separating concerns. Yet, all the applications need to combine all these services, which is where KrakenD fits like a glove.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

After researching the best tool for the job, Pretty Technical adopted KrakenD in the early stages of development in 2021. Since its implementation, Pretty Technical has been able to focus on the internal development of the projects and stop worrying about all the shared concerns the API gateway solves, which is a large number.

KrakenD has saved valuable hours of engineering effort to compose microservices and nanoservices safely, including validating JWT tokens and throttling.

The API gateway has been adopted quickly and has been part of the development lifecycle early in the project. In addition, KrakenD helped make more intensive use of microservices and nanoservices, letting the gateway unify the consumption of all of them in a single service, transparent for the applications that consume a single service.

KrakenD is working great, and the team is willing to explore a few more extra components to leverage its potential in the future.

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About Pretty Technical

Pretty Technical is a firm headquartered in the UK providing development of services and operations. Pretty Technical is part of The Rokker Network, an eco-system of wholly-owned, design-led professional service businesses created to deliver Opportunity, Value, and Growth both professionally and personally.

Pretty Technical team can be found dotted worldwide, with management in the UK and the Netherlands and the development team split across Spain, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, and Panama. However, much of their proven success is founded on the fact that they hire on talent, not location.

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