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OnchainPLM Case Study: Success Story

Transforming Digital Experiences in the semiconductor industry

Location: China Industry: IT Services

OnchainPLM is a product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions provider that specializes in serving the semiconductor industry among other sectors and a leader in cloud-native technology development, that has modernized its business gateway integration with KrakenD. This case study delves into their use of our API gateway to address unique business challenges, highlighting the effectiveness of KrakenD in improving service delivery and operational efficiency.

Facing the challenge

Initially, OnchainPLM faced the challenge of customizing their existing business gateways to better suit their needs. Their new PLM system, developed using cloud-native technologies and supporting multilingual development, required a holistic configuration through the gateway. By customizing KrakenD, they were able to tailor their business requirements effectively.

GitOps integration and deployment

The integration of KrakenD allowed for seamless deployment across different environments, facilitating rapid setup and scalability. OnchainPLM now enjoys enhanced agility and a simplified process for gateway customization, which has proven crucial for their rapid development cycle.

Key benefits

What OnchainPLM appreciates most about KrakenD is the ease of customizing gateway plugins and the quick generation of JSON configuration files, which significantly speeds up secondary development of the gateway.

“Utilizing the KrakenD gateway has facilitated the rapid deployment of our PLM products, streamlining subsequent operations, implementation, and maintenance. This has been instrumental in stabilizing our product delivery and enhancing service reliability.”

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About OnChain

Onchain PLM is a product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions provider that specializes in serving the semiconductor industry among other sectors like aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, machinery, chemical, mold, medical devices, and high-tech industries.

The company, based in China, is deeply involved in enhancing the project management and quality control processes of semiconductor companies, ensuring their products comply with regulations and standards to mitigate compliance risks.

Onchain PLM positions itself as a one-stop solution for managing all stages of product lifecycle—from design through production to maintenance—ensuring seamless management throughout. The company’s robust solutions help semiconductor firms and other industry players reduce design flaws, cut production costs, and enhance project viability and profitability.

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