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i2S by GFI Case Study: Success Story

API Gateway for insurance companies and fund management societies

Location: Portugal Industry: Insurance

GFI is one of the most high-performing IT and digital service companies in the market. Their insurance branch i2S has software solutions installed in nearly 50 insurance companies (Life and Non-life) and several pension fund management societies.

KrakenD is the entry point to consume all the micro-services in a controlled way and helps create an insurance-related product, covering many aspects, from legal to finance and actuarial.

KrakenD unifies and aggregates the responses of all the underlying Java microservices, and injects custom middleware for insurance’s particular use case. Some examples are the correlation ids or custom authentication.

All the setup runs on a Kubernetes cluster.

i2S team builds Reactive Microservices: isolated, autonomous, resilient and focused (do one thing but do it well). KrakenD matches this philosophy and helps scale this design.

On the human side, KrakenD removes the communication problems between the teams and brings agility. Frontend developers can reuse pieces of existing endpoints to form new use cases, without the need to wait for backend developers to write new REST endpoints.

On the technical side, KrakenD provides the tools necessary for a successful asynchronous event-driven communication, secures the platform, and lets the team focus on the business, not the tooling.

In all, KrakenD allows teams to release insurance products quicker, securer, and in control.

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About i2S by GFI

GFI is one of the most high-performing IT and digital service companies in the market. 19,500 professionals, 1,395M EUR revenue and presence in 21 countries.

Their i2S branch has more than 30 years of experience, an impressive track record of successful implementations of core insurance systems, and a team of insurance business experts. i2S is the provider of choice of leading insurance companies.

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