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Bikefolder Case Study: Success Story

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Location: Norway Industry: Mobility

With nearly a century of experience in bike retail, distribution, brand management, sport performance, and product design, has taken the pedal off the metal and shifted gears towards digital transformation. Transcending the typical CRM framework, is a universal platform fostering neutrality and connecting bike owners, retailers, and manufacturers in a cohesive environment. It optimizes interactions, streamlines inventories, service histories, and appointments while providing invaluable data for manufacturers to catalyze innovation.

Anticipating Challenges

While’s innovative ecosystem hasn’t encountered specific problems yet, the team was forward-thinking enough to foresee potential future challenges. They projected complexities arising from microservice migration, increased management costs, scalability concerns, and potential shortcomings in fault isolation. To get ahead of these potential roadblocks, sought a high-performance solution that would support their growth and scalability: KrakenD.

The KrakenD Solution

Deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), KrakenD has become the “brain” of the platform, managing traffic and requests with agility. The compatibility of KrakenD with existing technologies, such as Keycloak for identity and access management, was a major win for the team.

With GitHub facilitating deployment through continuous deployment (CI/CD) workflows, and CVS files defining endpoints, KrakenD streamlines development and reduces the risk of errors. Further enhancing flexibility and ease of use, leverages KrakenD’s templating system for configuring API endpoints, a system that simplifies and speeds up evolution on the platform.

Building a Strong Foundation

Although has yet to fully realize the tangible impact of KrakenD, the strategic implementation has laid a solid foundation for future growth. As the platform scales, KrakenD is poised to manage increasing complexities, ensure system resilience, and streamline microservice management, confidently anticipating a positive ROI.

The KrakenD Advantage

John Wennstrøm expresses his admiration for KrakenD’s forward-thinking design, robustness, and high performance, crediting its seamless integration to comprehensive and easy-to-follow documentation. He further appreciates the supportive and expert community behind KrakenD, calling them “an ally for our evolution.”

Looking Ahead continues to pedal towards future challenges and growth, empowered by the robust capabilities of KrakenD.

Wennstrøm concludes:

Incorporating KrakenD into BikeFolder’s infrastructure has been a strategic and forward-thinking decision. It’s about preparing for future challenges and growth. The combination of KrakenD’s performance, comprehensive documentation, and a supportive community transforms it from a simple tool into an ally for our evolution. As we stride forward in the cycling industry, we do so with the confidence that KrakenD is powering our journey.

About the author(s)

John Wennstrøm is the CTO, and a key figure in the implementation of KrakenD at

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About is a platform that connects bike owners, retailers, and manufacturers in a cohesive environment, streamlining inventories, service histories, and appointments while providing invaluable data for manufacturers to catalyze innovation.


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