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API Gateway practice video

Location: Moscow, Russia Industry: Insurance

AlfaStrakhovanie has adopted KrakenD as its gateway solution as it checks all its requirements regarding features, connectivity, source code control, security, and deployment choice using a DevOps approach.

The following video is an event recording that compares KrakenD with other solutions. It explains the reasons behind having chosen KrakenD and how it improved the existing gateway solution before that.

It covers the company dimension, numbers, methodology, and several requirements for deployment in Kubernetes, as well as which are the most liked features, and a walk-through covering the KrakenD Designer.

Here’s the original video:

About the author(s)

This event was hosted by Stanislav Deviatov (Solution Architect at EPAM Systems) on 24th January 2023 and presented by Viktor Bushmin (IT Business Partner and Lead System Architect at AlfaStrakhovanie), who has led this project.

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AlfaStrakhovanie is one of the leading insurance companies in Russia, with a universal portfolio of services. The Group has been one of the TOP 3 largest insurance companies for many years and has been on the market for over 25 years.

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