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KrakenD Usage Stats - March 2020

by Albert Lombarte

Apr 2, 2020

2 min read
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KrakenD servers with telemetry enabled help us to understand the usage of KrakenD in production. Last month we witnessed 356K running instances, and we wanted to share some data with you. 👇

From mid-March, we have seen an exciting increase in the number of KrakenD instances seen per day: x12! The trend is just beautiful, including the cumulative.


According to our internal definition, an instance is every time a KrakenD is started. And several instances of KrakenD sharing a common configuration form a cluster. Last month we had 13.604 clusters.


About the geography, we have two countries that represent over 90% of the usage of KrakenD: Russia (61%) Спасибо Россия!, and the USA (32%) Yay! —followed by Germany, Brazil, and Indonesia. We have ~70 countries with noticeable activity.

Instances distribution

Developers keep the software updated and secure, as when we look at the versions distribution, 87% of running instances use a 1.x version (latest), while the rest stay with older versions—only 1% of clusters run with versions from 2018.

Running versions

On the other side of the spectrum we have this 1% who “I don’t touch it because it works”. There is this sysadmin that started KrakenD, locked the door, and threw the keys to the sea. This daemon will celebrate its anniversary very soon…

Old report

On operative systems, 99.58% use Linux (including Docker), while only 0.42% use Darwin (Mac).

KrakenD is growing every day!! Here is a final shot from our Google Analytics dashboard, which we use as a backend for our telemetry system. I wonder where is the tracking pixel? ;)

Old report

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Github stars

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