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KrakenD partners with Microsoft to distribute in Azure

by Albert Lombarte

Feb 19, 2021

open source, Docker

2 min read

KrakenD continues to expand its distribution channels and services by partnering with Microsoft to publish its API Gateway on Azure Marketplace.

As a first step, the Azure Marketplace now counts with a ready-to-use KrakenD image for the open-source edition that helps users of the Azure Kubernete Service (AKS) to quickly and securely publish services through KrakenD API Gateway.

According to a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft KrakenD is a great fit in the cloud-native space and a recommended product for AKS workloads and Kubernetes in general

Enterprise applications need velocity, and discovering vulnerabilities early in the development cycle is vital. KrakenD and Azure bring together automated DevSecOps practices to simplify building and deploying secure applications.

As part of Azure’s container registry features, KrakenD images on Azure now count with automated vulnerability testing that scans all KrakenD releases. In addition to that, users importing KrakenD images on their repositories can benefit from automatic scans.

KrakenD runs today as the door to internal services in more than 700,000 servers every month. Partnering with Microsoft will allow a much broader adoption of KrakenD worldwide, open the door to offer more Enterprise products, and make our product better and more prosperous in functionalities.

If you are new to KrakenD or Azure AKS read this excellent step by step guide on how to use KrakenD on Kubernetes / AKS

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