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KrakenD Enterprise 2.2.1 (bugfixing) released

by Albert Lombarte

Apr 19, 2023

1 min read

The new KrakenD Enterprise version 2.2.1 is already available for install or upgrade. This patch version does not bring significant new functionality (except for AMQP) but includes a few fixes.

Summary of changes

Enables backoff strategies for AMQP producers and consumers, and fixes OpenAPI generation issues.

  • AMQP consumers and producers offer now retries with several backoff strategies.
  • Request modifier plugin loader is now hardened and is more strict to prevent human error.
  • Prevent showing 500 status codes when using the body-generator component that receives an empty body
  • OpenAPI includes basic auth information when available for the new component (not the plugin).
  • OpenAPI output is now deterministic. The order of elements of the output is ordered.
  • OpenAPI runtime error when declaring nested JSON schemas
  • Lua exited with semicolon characters
  • Conflicting treatment of floats and integers on JMESpath component
  • The underlying Go version has been upgraded to 1.20.3 which includes security fixes to crypto

Upgrading to the latest version is always advised.

Categories: Product Updates

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