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KrakenD Training: The Definitive Certification Program for API Gateway Mastery

by Albert Garcia

Sep 28, 2023

2 min read

KrakenD Training We’re thrilled to unveil KrakenD Training, a certification program that stands out in its depth and breadth. Crafted by the very engineers who developed KrakenD, this program is designed for tech professionals who are serious about mastering the full spectrum of features offered by KrakenD’s API Gateway.

Why Choose KrakenD Training?

In an industry where specialized knowledge is your strongest asset, KrakenD Training offers:

  • Technical Depth: The course covers KrakenD’s extensive feature set, ensuring you become proficient in a wide range of use cases.
  • Practical Application: The curriculum is replete with real-world examples, making the acquired knowledge immediately applicable.
  • Certification: Earn an official KrakenD certification upon completion, a solid validation of your expertise in the field.

A Closer Look at the Curriculum

The course is meticulously segmented into specialized modules, each designed to offer a deep understanding of crucial aspects of KrakenD:

  • Configuration: A thorough exploration of KrakenD’s configuration options, including endpoint and backend declarations.
  • Security: A complete guide to security features like JWT token validation, parameter forwarding, and security policies.
  • Content Manipulation: Learn advanced techniques for manipulating both request and response data, including the use of Martian.

The modules mentioned above are just highlights. The training covers the full range of features supported by KrakenD, ensuring you become proficient across a wide spectrum of use cases: The program comprises 63 lessons, each followed by quizzes to reinforce your learning.

KrakenD Training Website

Investment and ROI

The course is an investment with high returns. The depth of the content, the practical skills you’ll acquire, and the certification you’ll earn make it a valuable asset for any professional or enterprise for technical excellence.

Who is This For?

  • Engineers who want a deep, comprehensive understanding of KrakenD, either its open-source Community Edition or the Enterprise Edition.
  • Teams in large enterprises looking to standardize or upgrade their API Gateway solutions.
  • Professionals aiming for a certification that holds significant weight in the tech industry.

How to Get Started

If you’re committed to mastering KrakenD and becoming an expert in API Gateway technology, this is your next logical step. Enroll in KrakenD Training or contact us for more information.


KrakenD Training is more than just a certification program; it’s a comprehensive educational experience designed to make you an expert in API Gateway technology. With its extensive curriculum and practical applications, it’s an invaluable investment for both professionals and enterprises.

We’re excited to welcome you to this advanced learning journey.

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