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IBM proposes KrakenD to replace IBM Cloud API Gateway

by Albert Garcia

Aug 8, 2022

1 min read
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The IBM Cloud API Gateway service provided traffic limiting, splitting, and authentication for Cloud Functions and Cloud Foundry users. Unfortunately, IBM’s API Gateway service was deprecated and shut down on August 31st, 2022. Existing endpoints will no longer route to their respective functions or apps.

A blog post by IBM Cloud published on June 8th provided some tips and recommendations for IBM Cloud API Gateway users. For those users who still require an API Gateway as part of their platform architecture, KrakenD has been suggested as an alternative. We are glad to be included in the two alternatives proposed by IBM to their users, along with Kong.

Previously, in an article published by IBM’s Technical Lead & Devops/Cloud Infrastructure, Fabijan Bajo discussed how to deal with API complexity, as well as tools and patterns for maintaining API-oriented architectures for the long term. He describes how they deploy KrakenD using Kubernetes and why they chose KrakenD in front of other alternatives like Kong or Tyk, due to its performance, simplicity, statelessness, and immutability.

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