News KrakenD CE v2.7 released with better rate-limiting and security options

KrakenD 2.3.2 (patch version) released

by Albert Lombarte

May 5, 2023

1 min read

A new patch version KrakenD 2.3.2 is available on the download page and the Docker registry. Upgrading from any 2.x is backward compatible.

🚀 Summary of changes for CEv2.3

Fixed plugin builder and corrected edge cases in JWT validation.

  • Custom plugins: Alpine image builder fixed for ARM64
  • JWT: Panic when receiving an invalid number of claims
  • JWT: Remove misleading error log when no global cache is defined
  • JWT: index out of range
  • Upgrade to Go version 1.20.4, which includes security fixes in the packages crypto/subtle, crypto/tls, net/http, and syscall

Upgrading to the latest version is always advised.

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