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KrakenD 2.1.1 (patch version) released

by Albert Lombarte

Oct 21, 2022

1 min read

A new patch version KrakenD 2.1.1 is available to download page. In addition to the patch, we have created a new plugin-builder Docker image for those who compile custom plugins.

🚀 Summary of changes for CEv2.1

Adds a Docker image to build plugins and fixes issues with the JOSE and Lua packages.

  • Bot Detector: Avoid aborting with an error
  • Influx: Logs normalized for better consistency
  • JOSE: Use a sempahore to orchestrate the concurrent warm up of the JWK caches
  • Lambda: Upgrade the AWS SDK version used (by @boris154)
  • The krakend check command did not accept configurations with zero number of endpoints.
  • JOSE: The SecretProvider didn’t receive the provided CacheDuration (by @mguay22)
  • JSON Schema: Validate schema definitions and reuse schema (by @moritzploss)
  • Lua: Error messages couldn’t contain the : character.
  • Martian: Replace the header.Id modifier with a working custom implementation.

Upgrading to the latest version is always advised.

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