News KrakenD 2.1.1 Enterprise released - Now with ARM64 support

KrakenD 2.1 released!

by Albert Lombarte

Sep 30, 2022

3 min read

The KrakenD team is pleased to announce the release of KrakenD 2.1. You can get it packaged from the download page.

KrakenD 2.1 brings a new ready-to-use Kibana dashboard, an updated Grafana Dashboard for InfluxDB v2 and more features and bugfixes described below:

New features:

Relevant fixes:

  • Logging consistency (Bot detector, Bloom filter, Gologging)
  • Better control of errors when GELF is failing
  • Influx client not initialized during startup randomly (namespace collision being the cause)
  • The check-plugin command could panic when analyzing malformed files.

Youtube channel!

We have started to create video content on our KrakenD API Gateway channel on youtube, subscribe!


List of all changes in KrakenD Community Edition and its krakend packages in use between v2.0.6 and v2.1.0

Changes in KrakenD-CE

  • colons should be allowed in the error body
  • Upgrade alpine version. Go mod tidy.
  • Add labeler bot
  • remove colliding alias
  • Be able to configure through the router extra config the NoRoute and NoMethod handlers to return a custom json as body.
  • Log the start of the improved logging only if no errors are present.
  • Set the gelfWriter to nil if there’s an error in gelf since if you return an interface that have an underlying pointer it’s never nil.
  • Gologging should not log an error if the configuration is not present. Log the succesful start of the component.
  • Add rsyslog and logrotate configuration files and as depencencies of the deb and rpm packages.
  • Systemd: remove invalid reload command and add a graceful shutdown

Changes in krakend-botdetector

  • Avoid aborting with an error. Pass the logger and log the error like in the mux implementation.

Changes in krakend-cobra

  • Skip line if it’s empty to avoid panic.
  • Update descriptions of commands
  • Dump Go and Glib versions also.
  • Remove unused versionFunc args
  • Add a command that shows only the KrakenD version number

Changes in krakend-gologging

  • Add syslog severity from the level
  • Add the syslog facility instead of using the default (KERN). Add a FormatterSelector for syslog with custom format. Default facility set to LOCAL3

Changes in krakend-influx

  • logs normalized
  • Consistent log prefix across executor and components

Changes in krakend-ratelimit

  • fix regression if no capacity is defined
  • capacity added to the router and service config levels
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