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KrakenD 1.4.0 released

by Albert Lombarte

Jun 10, 2021

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The KrakenD team is pleased to announce the release of KrakenD 1.4.0. You can get it packaged from the download page.

🚀 Summary of changes for CEv1.4

KrakenD 1.4 is the last version of the 1.x family and primarily replaces the KrakenD Framework with the Lura Project and includes minor bug fixing and an extended flexible configuration. The next release with the new functionality will be 2.0.

  • All dependencies for the framework moved to Lura
  • The json-collection output encoding allows returning collections directly
  • Added Sprig functions to Flexible Configuration
  • Allow the propagation of nested claims using dot notation (JWT)
  • Add the del method to Lua

Upgrading to the latest version is always advised.

Changes in Flexible Configuration

For those using the flexible configuration, there are over 70 Sprig functions that have been added to the templating system:

  • String Functions: trim, wrap, randAlpha, plural and more.
    • String List Functions: splitList, sortAlpha and more.
  • Integer Math Functions: add, max, mul and more.
    • Integer Slice Functions: until, untilStep
  • Float Math Functions: addf, maxf, mulf and more.
  • Date Functions: now, date and more.
  • Defaults Functions: default, empty, coalesce, fromJson, toJson, toPrettyJson, toRawJson, ternary
  • Encoding Functions: b64enc, b64dec and more.
  • Lists and List Functions: list, first, uniq and more.
  • Dictionaries and Dict Functions: get, set, dict, hasKey, pluck, dig, deepCopy and more.
  • Type Conversion Functions: atoi, int64, toString and more.
  • Path and Filepath Functions: base, dir, ext, clean, isAbs, osBase, osDir, osExt, osClean, osIsAbs
  • Flow Control Functions: fail
  • Advanced Functions
    • UUID Functions: uuidv4
    • OS Functions: env, expandenv
    • Version Comparison Functions: semver, semverCompare
    • Reflection: typeOf, kindIs, typeIsLike and more.
    • Cryptographic and Security Functions: derivePassword, sha256sum, genPrivateKey and more.
    • Network: getHostByName

See the documentation

Changes in krakend-jose (JWT)

  • Dependencies moved to Lura
  • Copy the key before adding it to the key mapper, so the latter doesn’t override all the other entries
  • Test case for the single string role added
  • Added condition to avoid parsing namespaced claims as nested
  • Allow the propagation of nested claims using dot notation
  • Invert the order of the handler factories so the verifier can wrap the signer
  • TLS1.3 cipher suites added to the default set
  • Serialize the claims after extracting them
  • JWT/header propagation: replace existing values

Changes in krakend-lua

  • Dependencies moved to Lura
  • del operation for lists added
  • del method added to Lua tables
  • Check if the value is a json number before pushing it to the context

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