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KrakenD 1.3.0 released

by Albert Lombarte

Feb 24, 2021

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The KrakenD team is pleased to announce the release of KrakenD 1.3.0. You can get it packaged from the download page.

🚀 Summary of changes for CEv1.3

KrakenD 1.3.0 makes focus on completing the RBAC system regarding JWT.

  • Scopes validation (thanks to @chrisdennig)
  • Extract and forward claims as headers (thanks to @chrisdennig)
  • Support for Oracle Identity Cloud Service by allowing key identifers other than kid such as x5t or kid_x5t (contribution from Oracle)
  • Allow loading of local JWK files
  • Integration with secret providers such as, Amazon KMS, Azure’s Key Vault, Google Cloud KMS, Hashicorp’s Vault, Encrypted or plain base64 file
  • Expose router request host to Lua virtual machine (thanks to Marc Ruiz from Stayforlong)
  • Add X-Forwarded-Host header (thanks to Marc Ruiz from Stayforlong)
  • Allow the extraction of client IP from custom headers
  • Add debugging information to CORS component
  • The Etcd component is no longer loaded in KrakenD-CE (but the repository is available for custom integrations)
  • The WASM-based emulator in KrakenDesigner has been removed.

Upgrading to the latest version is always advised.

Commit log

List of commits in KrakenD Community Edition and its krakend packages between v1.2.0 and v1.3.0

  • Start date: 2020-10-05 15:38:21 +0200
  • End date: 2021-02-24 15:54:39 +0100

Changes in KrakenD-CE

  • [feature] Flexibleconfig upgraded
  • [bugfix] Remove unused variable from Makefile
  • [feature] Cleanup Makefile to create generic packages for rpm and deb. Remove alpine Dockerfile
  • [feature] golang version upgraded
  • [feature] support for namespaced role key
  • [feature] support for key_identify_strategy to allow different keys for JWK validation
  • [bugfix] integration test fixed
  • [feature] version updated
  • [feature] deps updated
  • [bugfix] vault and k8s versions fixed at the mod file
  • [feature] switch to direct downloads
  • [bugfix] Fix integration tests to reflect devopsfaith/krakend PR #448
  • [feature] Update krakend deps to latest version
  • [bugfix] Travis badge removed
  • [bugfix] Github actions added
  • [feature] Update linux versions
  • [feature] jose package upgraded
  • [feature] better error reporting added to the integration test runner

Changes in bloomfilter

  • moving to go modules

Changes in krakend framework

  • [feature] create a group for the declared enpoints so mw are injected just to the group
  • [bugfix] Moved CI from Travis to Github Actions
  • [feature] envar GODEBUG=x509ignoreCN=0 added to the tests
  • [feature] build and test workflow added to the repo actions
  • [feature] avoid using the default logger from the stdlib
  • [feature] Use filepath.Join to avoid problems with paths with or without a trailing slash
  • [bugfix] Fix integration tests
  • [feature] Increase map size
  • [bugfix] Fix tests
  • [feature] pass original request host in X-Forwarded-Host header
  • [feature] flatmap del operation accepts more than one argument

Changes in krakend-cel

  • remove deprecated versions
  • travis cfg fixed

Changes in krakend-consul

  • consul dep updated
  • transitioning to go modules

Changes in krakend-cors

  • test fixed
  • logger passed to the cors lib

Changes in krakend-flexibleconfig

  • do not export the helpers map so it can’t be overwrite by error
  • injectable helper functions

Changes in krakend-jose

  • accept namespaced role keys
  • Fixed Notice
  • Add notice file
  • Add key_identify_strategy to allow different keys for JWK validation of tokens
  • Add scopes validation Add tests
  • merge fixed
  • extract the jwt claims from the pattern using regex
  • doc added
  • Fix typo in tests
  • Add claims-to-headers propagation

Changes in krakend-lua

  • Expose router request host to lua code

Changes in krakend-opencensus

  • fix the request host tag

Changes in krakend-ratelimit

  • support for customized X-Forwarded-For headers added

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