KrakenD 1.2.0 released

The KrakenD team is pleased to announce the release of KrakenD 1.2. You can get it packaged from the download page.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Added a /__health endpoint
  • Removed the wording whitelist and blacklist from all our products (#BlackLivesMatter)
  • Datadog integration
  • Array manipulation available after merging multiple backends
  • KRAKEND_-like environment vars to override configuration
  • A lot of small features and bugfixes

KrakenD framework

Summary of the most significant changes:

  • [feature] Flatmap (array manipulation) now also at endpoint level
  • [bugfix] Removed wording with racist connotations whitelist and blacklist. Now using allow and deny instead.
  • [feature] Upgrade go to 1.15.
  • [feature] support for the append operation added
  • [feature] Added a new supported encoding safejson
  • [feature] support for nested targets added
  • [bugfix] Client plugin example fixed
  • [bugfix] Do not copy nil readers on no-op
  • [bugfix] Nested sequential params
  • [feature] Clone also the request body in the CloneRequest method
  • [feature] /__debug/ endpoint accepts now any method
  • [feature] Use the weight of the SRV record to generate the list of hosts when resolving a service name
  • [feature] Decompress gzipped responses before parsing them
  • [feature] Added a /__health endpoint
  • [feature] Ability to use collections in sequential proxy as input (collection filters)
  • [feature] Support using JWT claims as backend url params
  • [feature] Mutual TLS between KrakenD and clients added

Link to 1.2.0 release notes

KrakenD API Gateway

The KrakenD API Gateway binary comes with all the framework updates and all the component changes (listed in krakend-contrib), which is a considerable list!.

The summary of changes is:

  • [bugfix] Check that headers aren’t nil on Lua scripts
  • [bugfix] Pub/sub module ignores empty hosts
  • [feature] Lua scripts can now send custom errors
  • [feature] The RunServer can be injected into the executor builder
  • [tests] Integration test for CORS with auto-redirects added
  • [feature] CORS mw for gin removed and added as a RunServer wrapper so it’s always executed
  • [feature] Support for namespaced custom claims added
  • [tests] Added more integration tests
  • [feature] Bad request status code added on JSON Schema validation
  • [feature] Configuration can be overriden with KRAKEND_-like environment vars
  • [feature] Integration with Datadog
  • [feature] Add ca-certificates as dependency on debian
  • [feature] Allow “sequential proxy” to work with a POST, PUT and DELETE if there are only GET methods before (thanks to Alphyron)
  • [feature] Updated CEL engine with more features
  • [feature] Added a label name to circuit breakers to identify activity from different circuits in the logs and traces.
  • [feature] XML encoder supports now ISO-8859-1 encoding (in addition to UTF8)

Link to 1.2.0 release notes

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Enjoy KrakenD!

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