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Krakend 0.6.1 release notes

by Albert Lombarte

Oct 4, 2018

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The 0.6.1 release adds TLS and enables HTTP2 and HTTPS.


This release brings HTTP2 and HTTPS to KrakenD. It also upgrades Go from 1.10 to 1.11 and fixes forwarded query string parameters to backends that are using arrays and repeated variables.

The KrakenDesigner (UI) is also updated to reflect these changes.

KrakenD framework

The KrakenD framework has the following relevant changes:

  • NEW: Added support for HTTP2/HTTPS
  • FIX: query string parameters works now with arrays and repeated variables (e.g.: ?a[]=a1&a[]=a2&b=b1&b=b2)
  • UPDATE: Added Go 1.11 to the build matrix
  • Other minor fixes, compare to 0.6.0

Link to 0.6.1 release notes

KrakenD API Gateway

The KrakenD API Gateway binary comes with all the framework updates and component updates listed in the krakend-contrib.

The summary of changes is:

  • Updated to Go 1.11
  • Specific Mac OSX changes to release homebrew with Go 1.11.
  • HTTP secure component updated
  • Updated bloomfilter to 0.6.1
  • Upgraded to KrakenD framework 0.6.1
  • Other minor changes, compare to 0.6.0

Link to 0.6.1 release notes

This time we release on Thursday, not Friday as we usually do. Our apologies for breaking the #releaseFriday pattern ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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