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KrakenD 0.4 release notes

by Albert Lombarte

Jan 21, 2018

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KrakenD 0.4 materializes the announcement we did 3 months ago by going full open source and public releasing the former enterprise-only components.

This release note comprehends both the KrakenD framework and the KrakenD Community Edition binary distribution.

KrakenD framework

The KrakenD framework, engine of the KrakenD API Gateway. The summary of changes introduced in the 0.4 are:

  • Removed ALL external dependencies and placed to krakend-contrib repositories
  • Decoder and Service Discovery register system
  • Response metadata
  • Response decoder and formatter exposed
  • Custom status code handler
  • Minor handler optimizations
  • Config version upgraded
  • Server configuration extended (with timeouts and limits)
  • Now non strict REST urls are allowed
  • Request and response manipulation optimized
  • func version for all the interfaces

Link to 0.4 release notes

KrakenD API Gateway (Community Edition)

And finally, the KrakenD binary comes with all the framework news and bundles several components of the krakend-contrib to become a user-ready product.

The summary of changes is:

  • KrakenD 0.4 core with the gin router
  • Circuit breaker
  • Rate limit
  • Oauth2 client
  • Service, router, proxy and backend metrics
  • Security router
  • Google’s Martian library integration (Injections via DSL)
  • JSON, RSS and XML encoding
  • Logging
  • Service discovery integrations:
    • etcd
    • DNS SRV
  • Cobra powered CLI
  • OS X binary (via homebrew)

Link to 0.4.0 release notes

We hope you enjoy KrakenD!

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